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We polled, you voted, and now it’s time to announce the dates for the next Sherlock Seattle Convention!

Sherlock Seattle will take place on the weekend of January 9th through the 11th, 2015 at the Broadway Performance Hall!

Thank you to everyone who voted! We’ll be working on updating the website next week and preparing ourselves to put memberships on sale. Stay tuned here for more news as it comes!

UGH HORRIBLE DATES.  too close to the holidays.  i will be (unless i get that extra year of funding) unemployed and probably trying to move somewhere to start another godforsaken postdoc position.

organizers, PLEASE consider moving the con back to the fall.  winter is just SUCH a bad time to hold conventions.

Filed under i am very upset about this because i really wanted to go to seattle and see a few friends who also enjoy sherlock